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2015 Scholarship Recipients (Front Row L-R:Molly McKenzie, Corey Smith, Patsuqua Xiong, Kailey Layne, Caroline Stamey, Ryker Warlick and Rachel Farley; Back Row L-R: Kaitlin Peters, Pakingcher Moah, Justin Browning, Cheyenne Ralston, Melissa Xiong and Sydney Shuping; Missing from photo: McCartney Barrier, Chase Crump, Noah Eggers, Emily Fender, Eleanor Frederick, Kymonah Hall, Agnes Hardenstine, Hunter Hise, Anna Jackson, Megan Pons, Marlen Gomez Rodriquez and Sandi Wellborn)

2015 Recipients
McCartney Barrier
Justin Browning
Chase Crump
Noah Eggers
Rachel Farley
Emily Fender
Eleanor Frederick
Kymonah Hall
Agnes Hardenstine
Hunter Hise
Anna Jackson
Kailey Layne
Molly McKenzie
Pakingcher Moah
Kaitlin Peters
Megan Pons
Cheyenne Ralston
Marlen Gomez Rodriquez
Sydney Shuping
Corey Smith
Caroline Stamey
Ryker Warlick
Sandi Wellborn
Melissa Xiong
Patsuqua Xiong