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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum amounts to establish funds?

Endowment funds (except scholarship) may be established with a minimum of $10,000. A permanent scholarship fund may be established with a gift of $20,000. Non-endowed donor advised funds may be established with a minimum of $1,000.

What if I want to make a grant to a charity out of state? or overseas?

Donors may support any charitable organization across the United States. International organizations may be supported provided there is a qualified US-based nonprofit available to receive grants on their behalf.

Is there any limit to the number of grants I can make or the amount of each?

There is no minimum for number of grants made from a donor advised fund.

Will I receive acknowledgment of my gift for tax purposes?

Yes, CFBC acknowledges gifts to all funds. We offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law.

How much does it cost to set up a fund?

There is no set-up fee to establish a fund.  There is a minimum amount required to establish a fund.

How do I communicate with CFBC about the grants I want to recommend?

Donor advisors may submit grant recommendations by faxing or mailing your recommendation form to CFBC.

How are endowment funds invested?

The Bank of New York Mellon is CFBC's investment manager in additional to an internal fund that is managed by the CFBC Investment Committee.  The CFBC Investment Committee oversees all investments and investment decisions.  The Atlanta Consulting Group serves as an Investment Consultant to the Investment Committee and Board of Directors.

What gifts are accepted other than cash and stock?

CFBC may accept gifts of cash, securities, real estate, personal property, retirement plan assets, and life insurance. Naming CFBC in your will or living trust is also a way to support the causes you care most about.

How do I tranfer stock to the Foundation?

Contact our office for transfer instructions.

What if I need help with my grantmaking?

CFBC's expertise in the community is available to all of our donors. The Executive Director is happy to answer any questions you may have about your grantmaking.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, CFBC honors a donor's right to remain anonymous and keeps donor records confidential. Please make CFBC aware of your desire to remain anonymous.

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