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CFBC Donation Options

By making a donation to the Community Foundation of Burke County, you are able to invest in the community needs that are of greatest importance to you.  Your donation serves our common goal of improving life for all in Burke County, the place we call “home.”

You can make a one-time or monthly donation. Your donation is securely processed through PayPal, with a 3% transaction fee to cover credit card fees, bank fees and other processing cost. Please consider adding an additional 3% so 100% of your donation amount goes to the selected fund.

Undesignated: Please consider making an undesignated donation to the Foundation by clicking on “Use My Gift In The Best Way It Will Serve Burke County.”

Burke Women's Fund: Please consider making a donation to the Burke Women's Fund by clicking on one of the links below.

Burke Women's Fund Endowment
Burke Women's Fund Annual Membership

Specific Fund Designation: To donate to a specific fund, simply click on the appropriate fund link below.

Burke County Friends for Animals Endowment Fund

Burke Arts Council Endowment Fund
Caldwell Arts Council Endowment Fund
Caldwell Arts Council Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
The Rock School Arts Foundation Endowment Fund

Broad Charitable Purposes
Avery-Causby Fund
Bob and Susan Merrill Endowment Fun
Donald and Betty Taylor Fund
Dorothy K. Ervin Endowment Fund
Drew Woerner Endowment Fund
Emanuel A. and Romilda P. Richard Endowment Fund

Francis and Emily Grill Memorial Fund
George H. & Rose Marie Yount Endowment Fund
Jacqueline and Paul Deaton Endowment Fund
Janice H. Rostan Endowment Fund
Jean Conyers Ervin Fund
Lloyd E. and Helen M. Wallace Endowment Fund
Marilyn Malone Gordon Endowment Fund
Otto and Wynne Woerner Fund
The Wildcats Fund
Wildcats Legacy Fund
William E. and Laura Ervin Smith Fund

Cemetery Maintenance
Mountain View Cemetery Fund
Quaker Meadows Cemetery Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Cemetery Endowment Fund

Historic Burke Foundation-Alice Elaine Falls Endowed Fund
Historic Burke Foundation-Alice Elaine Falls Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
History Museum of Burke County Endowment Fund
History Museum of Burke County Limited Endowment Fund
Library Foundation of Burke County Endowment Fund

Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Albert Mehl Endowment Fund

Donor Advised
Bowers-Greene Endowment Fund
Burke Sunrise, Inc. Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Camp Lake James Stewardship Fund
Charles M. and Alice M. Carey Fund
Chip and Tammy Black Donor Advised Fund
Christian Shull Children's Endowment Fund
Chris and Leanne Brittain Family Fund
Cooper - McCall Endowment Fund
Ellen and Rountree Collett Fund
Gresham Orrison Endowment Fund
Jackie and Paul Deaton Fund
Jack's Fund
James H. and Doris G. Edwards Endowment
James H. and Linda R. Rostan Endowment Fund
Jean B. and Frederick M. Riggs, Sr. Endowment Fund
Joel Hastings Endowment Fund
John and Janice Rostan Endowment Fund
John P. Rostan, Jr. and Naomi Bounous Rostan Endowment Fund
Joyce Amos Jones Endowment Fund
Kath-Dyer Fund
Leslie and Mark Rostan Endowment Fund
Little Blue Fund
Mary Lou Sossoman Endowment Fund
Mayas la nueva generacion - Mayas the Next Generation
Morgan-Avery Fund
Norvell Family Fund
Rotary Club of Morganton Charitable Fund
Salsbury-Taylor Fund
The J. Alex and Vivian G. Mull Foundation Charitable Fund

Adam Benson Scholarship Fund
Allen and Rexanna Lowman Scholarship Fund
Anita Wilson Scholarship Fund
Ann Cornwell Patton and George Thomas Cornwell Fund
The Azmi S. Jarrah Scholarship Endowment Fund
Barrett L. and Diana S. Crawford Scholarship Fund
Betty and Otto Woerner Endowed Scholarship Fund
Burke Education Endowment Program Endowed Fund
Cranford Scholarship Endowment Fund
Crump-Pollpeter Scholarship Fund
Clyde Nichols Young, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Darren Wilson Scholarhip Fund
Deborah and Bruck Hershock Trades Scholarship Fund
Drexel Alumni Association Fund
Erin's Memorial Scholarship Fund
Freddy G. Leger Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gertrude Hire Scholarship Fund
Glenn R. Yoder Scholarship Endowment Fund
Harris Family Scholarship Fund
J. Jerome Williams Music Scholarship
Jean B. and Frederick M. Riggs, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Jimmy C. Draughn Scholarship Endowment Fund
Keith Warren Black Educational Scholarship Fund
Larry and Louise Huffman Scholarship Endowment Fund
Larry Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Margaret Franklin Scholarship Fund
Martha and Ron Franklin Music Scholarship Fund
Mary Ellen Wiese Scholarship Fund
Michael Williamson Eley Endowment Fund
Mildred and Hugh Fletcher Scholarship Fund
Mkaika CDSS Library Project Fund
Morganton Day School Scholarship Endowment Fund
Nathan Alan Williams Scholarship Fund
The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics - Morganton Fund
Norvell Family Fund - Libby Enos Norvell Educational 
Norvell Family Fund - Paul J. Koehnke Fine Arts
Raymond K. Miller Scholarship Endowment Fund
Robert A. "Bob" Shook Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Club of Morganton Scholarship Endowment Fund
Ruth Bolick Christian Scholarship
Smith-Nanney Scholarship Fund
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Miss Annie Avery Scholarhip
Steve and Nancy Gregory Scholarship Fund
Tim Spain Scholarship Fund
Valdese Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Women Scholarship Program Endowment Fund
Wynne and Otto Woerner Endowed Scholarship Fund

Carolina Land & Lakes Limited Endowed Agency Fund
Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina Burke County Endowment Fund

Friends of the Valdese Rec Fund
The Martha's Park Endowment Fund

Brighter House Fund
Burke Hospice Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund II
Burke Hospice & Palliative Care Endowment Fund
Burke Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Good Samaritan Clinic Endowment Fund
Good Samaritan Limited Endowed Fund
Ron LaSalle Limited Endowment Fund for Charitable Care
Stop Alcohol and Drug Addiction Endowment Fund
Teeth in Need Endowment Fund

Human Services
Andrea Galen Jacks Endowment Fund
Blue Ridge Community Action Fund
Burke Charitable Properties Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Burke County United Way Fund
Burke United Christian Ministries Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Children's Home Society of North Carolina Limited Endowed Fund
Foothills Service Project Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Habitat for Humanity Limited Endowed Fund
Habitat for Humanity of Burke County, Inc. Fund
Options Against Family Violence Fund
Ray and Laura Consley Fund
South Mountain Children and Family Services Endowment Fund
W. Edwin & Marie T. Hoyle Endowed Fund

Nelle and H. Allen Smith Endowment Fund

School Nurse Program/Nursing Scholarship
Minnie Belle Rector Cooper Nursing Scholarship Fund
Stiff Endowment Fund

Emilio Black Calvary Youth Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian Church Morganton Limited Endowed Donor Advised Fund
George Lewis "Jake" and Annie Taylor Paschall Endowment Fund
Loy Ray, Jr. and Doris Pons Burris Endowment Fund
The Martin Luther Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Building Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Museum 2000 Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir Robe Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Pons Education Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Ruth Williams Scholarship Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Fund
Waldensian Presbyterian Church Unrestricted Fund
Walter Howard Lewis Endowment Fund

Travel Fellowship-First Baptist Church Morganton
Jerald C. Liebhart, Sr. & Grace Folmar Liebhart Fund

Betsy and Billy Joe Patton Endowment Fund
Bill and Hazel Bailey Abernathy Endowment Fund
Carl H. and Linda S. Wall Endowment Fund
Chip and Tammy Black Endowed Fund
Donald Jackson McCall Endowment Fund
F. Sam and Phyllis Rogers Fund
John L. and Caroline W. Kos Fund
John W. Ervin, Jr. Endowment Fund
Pat and Harold Mitchell Fund